Towards Long-Form Video Understanding

Chao-Yuan Wu
Philipp Krähenbühl

CVPR 2021


Our world offers a never-ending stream of visual stimuli, yet today's vision systems only accurately recognize patterns within a few seconds. These systems understand the present, but fail to contextualize it in past or future events. In this paper, we study long-form video understanding. We introduce a framework for modeling long-form videos and develop evaluation protocols on large-scale datasets. We show that existing state-of-the-art short-term models are limited for long-form tasks. A novel object-centric transformer-based video recognition architecture performs significantly better on 7 diverse tasks. It also outperforms comparable state-of-the-art on the AVA dataset.

The Long-Form Video Understanding (LVU) Benchmark

We introduce a new benchmark that contains 9 tasks for evaluating long-form video understanding. Please see the paper for more details.

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